Ona Studio


Ortega Diago

“Hand in hand with the attention to detail, our concern to get involved in thecomplete development of the project was born. We believe in the linkbetween the client and the product, without neglecting sensitivity and design.Therefore, our goal is the full dedication to a respectful and rigorousarchitecture in which the attention to constructive detail acquires afundamental role for our work


Gonzalo Sanchez Ortega and Armando Diago form a young architecture studio located in San Sebastían.


Not only the union of their initials, but also the symbology that this means make the symbol unique and identifiable.


Today, Ona Studio is still working on the development of the Ortega Diago studio at a visual level.


Work in


Graphic Design

In collaboration with

Gonzalo Sanchez Ortega

Armando Diago

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