Ona Studio



A production company with a very special vision.


The main idea was to create a symbol that would identify the visual world that Amura Films creates, without stealing the limelight from it, and that would allow a quick identification of its work.


A unique identity that does not interfere with the identity and creativity of each project.


This symbol is created based on the 'A' of the name, both for its similarity to the nautical element to which it refers, as well as for the first letter of its name. We created with this letter a symbol that simulates the copyright to enhance the character of 'creators'. This symbol will be used throughout all applications. Another important point of the identity is the translation of the projects, numbered, to generate a sense of focus on each of them equally.


Work in


Art Direction

Related Projects

Guateke Keler_img

Guateke Keler

We worked on the identity of Guateke Keler 2023 where we made from the outdoor campaign proposal filling the city and all its corners with music to the identity of the event itself and all its supports.

Lehona Jewellbeing_img

Lehona Jewellbeing

A sustainable, exclusive and unique luxury jewelry brand that enhances the value of the here and now.

Loreak Mendian x Monocle Magazine editorial_img

Loreak Mendian x Monocle Magazine editorial

Loreak Mendian and Monocle magazine work together to create the UtilityJacket, a garment combining design and functionality, built to complementanyone who considers themself an urban explorer.

Centro de estudios Mina_img

Centro de estudios Mina

Identity of the new study center led by Asier Gonzalez where we created a 'mascot'without a name and a new fresh and current identity for its communication and space