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Anchoas Agur

During this year we worked on the identity of AGUR, signature anchovies.A brand of basque anchovies of exquisite quality bottled in a porcelaincontainer designed by Culdesac and worked in Bakio by the master Iurgui.


The name of the brand, “Bye” in english, comes from the ancient augurs ofthe Roman Empire, the most trusted persons of the Roman emperors, incharge of interpreting the flight of birds to predict a good or bad battle. Thissimilarity with the “agur” of the Basque rowers in the ports towards theirfishermen helped us to relate this brand to the product.


The union of the etymological origin of the word to the Basque culture in a natural way towards design.


The identity work in which we worked on a logo with influences in thefinishing touches to both classic Roman typographies and graphic elementsrelated to Basque graphics, unites these two worlds in its use both in thepackaging and in the container, where we used this bas-relief logo as well asin the classic jambs of the entrances of the farmhouses.


Work in



Art Direction

In collaboration with

Santos Bregaña


Aitor Ortiz

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